We supply Epiroc breakers, grabs and shears.

EC Breakers

Experience Epiroc excavator attachments for demolition, recycling and more

Essential hydraulic breaker

Our essential range offers a good price-performance ratio paired with the reliability that you expect of an Epiroc breaker. Many well-known features make turn these breakers into durable workhorses that will give you good results in a wide range of day-to-day breaking tasks.

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Hydraulic shears

Steel shears for industrial demolition of steel structures like buildings, tanks and many more. As well our hydraulic shear attachments are used in scrapyards, where they are used for secondary breaking and recycling.

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Thanks to their particularly robust design, our MG hydraulic grapples are suitable for sorting and loading of demolished material, as well as for demolishing light buildings like masonry or wooden structures.

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