Vibratory rammers

Wacker Neuson have long been the market leaders in the construction industry when it comes to trench rammers. With their impressive range of 2-stroke, 4-stroke and diesel rammers – Wacker Neuson produce rammers which offer high impact force at a high percussion rate while still maintaining a compact design and a range of safety and economical features.

Battery rammers

Emission-free and wireless working is entering a new dimension: We have created a real innovation with the battery-powered vibratory rammers.

2 Stroke rammers

Maximum productivity, performance and service life. Available in four different weight classes.

4 Stroke rammers

4 stroke rammer: They are characterized by excellent work performance, a long service life as well as longer service intervals thanks to the innovative air filter system.

Diesel rammers

Are you looking for a machine to compact heavy cohesive soils? Then our diesel rammer is perfect for you.

battery rammers

AS50e & AS60e

Compacting emission-free: Battery-powered rammers make it possible

With the battery-powered rammer, the operator works completely free of emissions.

As a result, the battery-powered rammer not only is a win in soil compaction in trenches and city centers, but instead reduces the burden on operators and the environment on every construction site. Here, one battery charge is enough to complete all the work of an average workday. The battery is replaceable in a few easy steps without a tool and can be used for a variety of other construction equipment by Wacker Neuson. 

  • 100% emission-free work
  • Low operating costs: 55% reduction in energy costs compared to gasoline vibratory rammers and fully maintenance-free electric motor without V-belt
  • Starts reliably in any weather and at any altitude simply at the push of a button
  • Battery suitable for all battery-operated construction equipment by Wacker Neuson.
  • Same compaction performance as that of comparable gasoline-operated vibratory rammers

2 Stroke rammers

2 stroke rammer: Maximum productivity, performance and service life. Available in four different weight classes.

BS50-2, BS60-2

Two-stroke rammers from Wacker Neuson have set standards in the construction industry for a long time. They are developed for maximum productivity, performance and durability. The new generation is now even more powerful. The two-stroke rammers are driven by the WM 80 engine, which has been especially developed by Wacker Neuson. Thanks to its catalytic converter, emissions are clearly below all exhaust standard limits. In addition, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of idling, therefore saving additional fuel and emissions.

BS50-2plus BS60-2plus

The two-stroke rammers of the Plus-Series provide all the advantages of the classical two-stroke rammers and additionally offer a practical work facilitation as a plus: By two separate tanks for fuel and two-stroke oil the pre-mixing is no longer necessary. Both liquids are filled in separately and the oil lubrication system automatically generates the correct mixing ratio. For more safety the oil tank can be locked (accessory). This avoids a wrong refueling. The rammers of the Plus-Series are available in three weight classes. The low center of gravity provides strong propulsion and great stability. This prevents tilting and facilitates the operation of the rammer.

4 Stroke rammers

BS50-4As, BS60-4As – 4 stroke rammer: Long service life and strong performance

Wacker Neuson’s 4 stroke rammers are classified by an excellent performance which is sustainably convincing. The high stroke energy, high percussion rate and long shoe stroke combined with a fast advance travel achieve excellent compaction results. Well thought-out features make the use of the 4 stroke rammers even more user-friendly, extend the service life and reduce maintenance to a minimum.

  • Fast starting due to a small pump to the carburetor
  • Strong stroke for heavy, cohesive soils
  • Integrated oil deficiency protection with automatic shutdown when the engine is started with insufficient oil level
  • Premium air filter ensures an almost dust-free engine operation and provides three times longer change intervals

Comfortable transport
Large and flexible transport lug
Easy loading and stowing by transport rollers on the handle

Diesel rammers

The expert for extreme compaction jobs

Wacker Neuson’s diesel rammer completes your diesel fleet. The DS70 is a well-balanced machine with low CO emissions and compact dimensions. It is ideally suited for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils.
  • The diesel engine is the most environmentally friendly rammer engine available, which makes it the perfect choice for compaction jobs in poorly ventilated trenches.
  • The noise reducing cover lowers the amount of engine and shoe noise transmitted to the operator.
  • The large capacity and corrosion-proof fuel tank is equipped with a self cleaning in-tank filter. That means long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • For added operator convenience, a single lever controls start-up, speed and engine shut-off.
  • The highly engineered built-in shock mount system of the guide handle reduces hand-arm vibration (HAV) and thus improves user comfort.